Name:  Bryan Martinez

Title: Installer/Super Sayian



Trains or bicycles?: Trains

Classic or modern?: Modern

Tacos or sushi? Is that even a question? TACOS

Diamond or young? What?

Pen or pencil? Pencil

Favorite tool? Grinder

Shadows or light beams? Light saber

Tres Leches? No thank you

A favorite album? The Infamous by Mobb Deep

What’s your This or that question? Ps4 or Xbox one?

What is your favorite completed RAC project? Why? 3030 La cienaga was one of the 1st projects I assisted with, its almost completed. 

How would you describe the culture/environment at RAC compared to other places you've worked? Its really DOPE! It has that home feel to it, you’re welcomed with open arms.