Architects, Builders, Fabricators, Engineers and Place Makers

Create together.
Stay together.

RAC is a group of architects, designers and makers who share the same principles of thinking and working. We put strategy first. Visiting a space for the first time, we look for the opportunities and limitations that form the basis of our work. How is this building going to be used? What are the spatial, structural and infrastructural opportunities within the space? How much capital do we have to work with to achieve our client‘s goals? We design with a clear strategy, working within the project‘s constraints to create spaces, furniture & objects that serve our client‘s cultural, programmatic and financial needs. 

We make measured, balanced design and construction decisions. Working with great precision at macro and micro scales, we act swiftly and accurately to highlight a building‘s dormant character. We cut holes in the wall, floor and roof to maximize fresh air and natural light. 

We deliver beautiful, valuable and lasting spaces. 

Designing with the essential elements of a space–light, air, scale and proportions–there‘s no signature move or theory we use that will go out of style. The result: unique spaces, delivered on time and within budget, and filled with fresh air and natural light, where people love to work, live and play.


Frogtown Campus

Our Frogtown campus was renovated in 2011 and is home to both RAC and Studio Cortez. We are located next to the LA River bike path.


Would I work here?

It’s our primary goal to create workspaces that are livable. Many of our hours are spent at work, so we provide qualities that we’d expect in our homes. The RAC work place is filled with light, air and happy, creative people.