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2944 Denby AVE.

Size 1815sf

Los Angeles, CA. In the early 2000s this space was used to store inventory by Aero Engines. Stacks two feet high of parts blanketed the floor. The staffers were in agreement that the building was haunted, so sifting through inventory was avoided resulting in reorders of existing stock. No one was brave enough to process it. Frogtown was still not the type of place you walked alone at night, but the bike path and announcement of the billion dollar revitalization budget created a strong enough notion within RAC Principal Rick Cortez that he made the purchase. 

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Because the building sits below the bike path it gives the public side a little more value in looking down than the private side, I decided to go with a more traditional layout. It was designed to live in so the layout contains a bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen and indoor/outdoor parking that functions as a half garage. When we realized the large door on the front was Redwood we decided to pressure wash and expose it. That rolling door is somewhat like seasons. The change influences the view and space from both inside and out.

There was a little metal filling station building that was lifted by permit. It had a mail slot that at about four feet before everything was lifted up. We left it because I love the legacy of the building that slot symbolizes.

- Rick Cortez, Principal RAC