Name: Francisco J. Alfaro

Title: Installer

When I was a kid, I wanted to be an adult when I grew up.


Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise

Trains or Bicycles? Bicycles

Deep Sea or Deep Space? Neither(Home)

Classic or Modern? Classic

Tacos or Sushi? Sushi

Diamond or Young? Young

Pen or Pencil? Pencil

Brick or Concrete? Drill

Shadows or light beams? Light beams

Tres Leches? YES PLEASE!

Describe RACDB: Other companies I’ve worked for have a stack of resumes and are ready to move on to the next employee. RAC cares about investing in their employees and therefore we care about RAC. There is a sense of pride and ownership in the company and in our work. Other companies and trades look at us as the standard and look up to us from the way our vans are setup to the way we operate efficiently and meticulously giving off the perception as if there are 30 people in the shop an 30 in the field. We carry out the job with only 8 people shop and field combined.