facade replacement  night-15.jpg

Name: Michael Rosen

Title: Project Architect


Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

Pulp or No Pulp? Pulp

Trains or Bicycles? Bicycles

Deep Sea or Deep Space? Deep Space

Form or Function? Form

Tacos or Sushi? Sushi

What is a favorite album? Kind of Blue by Miles Davis

Truth or Dare? Dare

Iced or Hot? Hot

Shadows or light beams? Shadows

How would you describe the culture at RAC?Culture is open to everyone’s contributions, creative, and true to the craft of building.

What is your favorite completed RAC project? Coolidge and Denby, We work in this space and understand because of that, how an imperfect space, open to light, and air, and the hand of man, current and past speaks to the creative human enterprise. .