facade replacement  night-17.jpg

Name: Gabriel Ramirez

Title: Designer

When I was a kid, I wanted to be A doctor when I grew up until I cut open my knee and almost fainted.


Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset

Pulp or No Pulp? No Pulp

Trains or Bicycles? Bicycles

Deep Sea or Deep Space? Deep Sea

Classic or Modern? Modern

Diamond or Young? Diamond

Pen or Pencil? Pen

Brick or Concrete? Concrete

Truth or Dare? Dare

Iced or Hot? Iced

Shaken or Stirred? Shaken

What about the work you are doing gets you out of bed in the morning? How much I am learning on a daily basis. Being in the PD Department has exposed me to a different side of architecture I wasn’t used to and it has taught me to think differently on various projects.

What is your favorite completed RAC project? 3521 Helms St. I love the balance of concrete vs wood inside the space and the way the tower was opened up.